What Are the Various Uses of Professional Tailor’s Dummy?

Professional tailor’s dummy is a very important tool for giving a great fit to garments that are tailor made. It is also popularly known as dressmaking mannequin, sewing dummy and dressmaker’s dummy.

Many companies specialize in manufacturing and styling tailor’s dummies. When a company has a large variety of tailor’s dummies, it does not require looking anywhere else to manufacture different types of dress forms.

The dressmaking mannequin has immense value in garment making. It works as a great sewing assistant to a dressmaker.

Uses of a Dressmaking Model

Now, let’s look at how the companies, who manufacture various kinds of dress, use professional tailor’s dummy:

  1. The companies give the new dressmaking model to a professional dressmaker.
  2. Once the dressmaker has a new dressmaking model, he can start his sewing adventure by keeping the model just beside his sewing machine.
  3. The dressmaker can use the model to check the fabric and decide if it is perfect for the pattern that he has in his mind.
  4. He can use the dress model to style an outfit by draping different types of fabrics together like a blouse and a jacket to see how it looks.
  5. He can use the dress model to decide the position of lapels and collars. It can also be used to position ribbons, lace and trims on the garment.
  6. The dressmaker can accessorize the completed outfit by using the dress model.
  7. He can also check the proper placement of pockets by using the model.
  8. He can also mark hems and check the positioning of shoulder pads so that he can pin the sleeves properly.

Thus, we can see that there are so many uses of professional tailor’s dummy. After cutting the fabric pieces and pattern, the dressmaker can begin sewing.

Construction of the Garment

The dressmaker will need the dress model to constantly check the fit of the garment during constructing it. This will make the process of sewing simpler and easier. He doesn’t require trying the garment in front of a mirror while sewing. He can simply place it onto the dress model and check the fittings. The model will help him to see if the look of the garment is satisfactory.

The dressmaker can use the dress model to achieve a great hemline. It can also help him in positioning pockets and for ensuring that the collar sits properly on the garment.

Therefore, the large companies manufacture tailor’s dummies as they serve as a great tool for constructing garments.