Nail that Pinup Look with a Waist High Bikini

People no longer demonize plus size women, but instead deem them as being fiercely sexy and devoted to the body positive movement. Highlighting the positive attributes of curvierwomen eliminates the once cruel comments experienced by those with this trait. As a result, women of all sizes are embracing this supportive mentality by stepping out of their comfort zones and ditching the track suits for some absolutely killer bikinis that help them nail that pinup look.

Plus size bikinis come in a vast array of cuts and styles, but among the most popular is the high-waisted option. By detracting from the tummy area, a woman simply looks like she has an hourglass figure, which has long been the most sought after body type. Curves should be embraced and the focal point of any plus size swimsuit. Curves should never be hidden behind one piece suits that are anything but flattering. The only downside to these perfect plus-size swimsuits is that they are often hard to find in department stores.

Sadly, department stores have yet to adapt to the cuts that highlight a voluptuous figure and only offer typical two piece bikinis. Surely this should never discourage a curvy shopper, but should be viewed as an opportunity to expand their options by taking to the internet. Countless online retailers specialize in plus size bikinis by offering endless patterns, cuts, styles, and options for customization, and some retailers, like swimsuitsforall cater exclusively to plus size clients. These swimsuits are often more affordable than anything you would find in a department store, and are available all year long, rather than being available only during the summer season. If you’re looking for high waist swimsuits to flatter your form, check online for the best deals and the most fashion-forward styles.

Plus size styles are the new rave in fashion. Names like Ashley Graham, Robin Lawley, Olivia Campbell, Bishamber Das, Tess Holliday, and Hayley Herms are only a few of the curvy models being utilized heavily in the beauty and fashion industries, and there is no denying their inspirational qualities that are perfect for aspiring plus size beauties. This contributes to the importance of online retailers remaining fully stocked with high-waisted, plus size bikinis all year long. If you want the daring sexy pin-up look, online plus size swimwear is the thing for you.

In short, it is satisfying to witness the changing times. What was once fairly unacceptable is not only appreciated in contemporary times, but is sought after by bigwigs in the industry. The use of plus size models in the media creates a profound difference in the struggling minds of today’s youth, and the attainability of attractive swimsuits further contributes to this accepting, positive mindset. The time is now to strut your curves at the beach in a trendy, sexy bikini.