Learning Hairstyle Basics In School

If you like styling hair, then you might want to consider attending a cosmetology school to learn about the basics so that you know the proper way to cut hair, add color and offer the latest trends. When you complete your studies at beauty school, you can work for a company or work for yourself depending on the kind of environment that you like. While you’re in school, there are a few things that you’ll learn no matter where you attend that you need to master before graduating.

Scientific Study Of The Hair, Nails, and Face
Before you begin styling, you’ll learn about the science of the hair. This is an important subject because you need to know how certain chemicals will interact with the hair as well as the nails and face. As you begin working with other products, you’ll learn more about combining chemicals to color hair and what you shouldn’t use on certain types of hair. There will be times when you have to mix ingredients together to obtain new colors and new products that are used on the hair, face, and nails.

All About Hair
Before you graduate from beauty school, you’re going to learn all you need to know about hair. Teachers will discuss how to cut hair in different styles, where to cut so that the hair lays correctly on the head and some of the latest trends. You’ll learn about how to cut long and short hair as well as how to layer hair. Mixing colors and applying highlights or low lights are topics that are also covered. After learning about cuts, you’ll learn about blowouts and how to apply more than one color to the hair.

Soothing Skin And Nails
If you want to offer more services than cuts and colors, then consider offering facials. When you’re in school, you’ll learn about how to massage the face and the types of chemicals that can be used for the different skin types. There will usually be classes about how to apply makeup as well. Manicures and pedicures will be discussed, which is usually a part of the licensing with each state. When you graduate, you can experiment with colors and designs that you’re comfortable with.

After completing your coursework, you’ll take an exam for the state. If you pass, then you can begin working as a cosmetologist. Your teachers will usually offer tips on how to pass the exam and offer short sessions as reminders about what you have learned so that you can practice.