Infusing Your Style into Any Situation

When you’re into fashion, fashion is your life. More accurately, it ripples out to affect every aspect of your life. Fashion is a way of life for many, and it can often seem like fashion doesn’t mix with certain activities, but it’s easier than you think to bring fashion to the table in these situations. Here are a few tips.

When you’re looking to play sports, uniforms can impose an unfashionable outfit upon you that ruins your look, but you can still play around with the look and make it your own. For example, shoes, socks, and accessories aren’t typically part of uniforms, so use this to your advantage when engaging in sports.

For much the same reason, working can prohibit you from looking your best, but all is not lost. You can experiment with your accessories, again, but let’s not forget hair and makeup. These two elements of a look are so fundamental that you probably have your own signature look that’s all but permanent, but now’s the time to change it up.

Lastly, there’s outdoor activities. Hiking, for example, all but requires a sort of uniform in the form of boots, long pant legs, long sleeves, and maybe even a hat, but if you can’t see the fashion potential there, you may as well be blind. These items are the basis of numerous stylish looks, and you can count your look among them with a little effort. These ingredients can make a great look!

With these tips in mind, you can look your best in any situation, you just have to try. So, don’t let fashion limitations prohibit you from living life to the fullest. Go ahead and book a flight with Orbitz and travel the world. And, don’t forget to do it in your own glamorous style!