Bridal Hair Ideas

That special day requires a special hairdo, with every bride wishing to look her best on this auspicious occasion. Along with the perfect gown, the right hairstyle will complement the bride as she enters into that happy union. The bridesmaids’hair should be in keeping with the bride’s own style, and would be ideally styled by the same person.

A variety of styles

Of course, the length and texture of your hair will dictate what works best for you, with longer hair offering more choices. A professional stylist will be able to make a few suggestions, so if you are about to tie the knot and are looking for hair and makeup in Perth, an online search will provide the perfect salon in your area.   article-201392529034032620000Hair accessories

A wedding is the perfect occasion to introduce some hair decoration, with flowered garlands very popular with bridesmaids. Apart from adding a country feel, flowers in the hair adds colour and style to the happy event. Other popular headwear includes lace and pearl tiaras, with a variety of patterns to choose from, each with its own character.


Bridal make up

The bride will obviously have something special in mind, depending on the look she wants to create. It is always a good idea to schedule a makeup trial before the date, that way you and your makeup artist will be on the same page so to speak. Thick eyeliners and pink blushes are always a good choice, with a range of shades to help create that perfect look. Deep red is the right shade for lipstick, with bold lines that add dimension.


Long hair options

One of the most stunning bridal arrangements is the half up – half down style, and with the right texture, it can really make the bride look special. Braids have always been popular as a bridal style, with a range of possibilities that will transform the bride.

Short hair creations

Hair extensions have always been popular for that special occasion and while short hair is attractive, extensions provide more than just length, adding extra body to fine hair. Clip in extensions offer a temporary solution, perfect for that special day and with a range of shades and lengths, they offer a myriad of choices for the creative stylist.


Themed weddings

Guaranteed to add that special something to any wedding, a theme offers more in terms of tradition and uniqueness, with the guests and décor adding to the concept.  A vintage wedding has a touch of class about it, with its own unique brand of pomp and ceremony. There is a lot of preparation involved with many things to consider, such as the reception venue and the guest list, so appointing a managerto oversee the project is a good idea.


Professional advice

When planning your hairstyle for that special occasion, it is essential to consult with the experts, who can offer a variety of ideas to complement your bridal gown and help make the day a memorable one for all.