Bold Eye Liner & Statement Eyebrows

Shaped full eyebrows, semi permanent eyeliner, liquid liner, pencil eye liners & eye shadows applied with a wet brush are the top tools for the bold eye beauty trend.

Over-tweezers should exercise some restraint this fall, with the return of heavyweight, statement eyebrows this season. The bold eyebrow has been updated with a polished-to-perfection shape and a slightly androgynous feel, showcasing the eye and bone structure with its beautiful, face-framing effect.

Full Eyebrows Need to be Groomed

Now, don’t consider the statement brow an excuse to forgo eyebrow grooming altogether. There’s a huge difference between bold eyebrows and wooly-booly unkempt brows, and the statement eyebrow requires special attention to neatness.


Don’t Over-Tweeze Eyebrows!

Only tweeze the obviously errant hairs underneath and between the eyebrows to preserve your brow’s natural shape and fullness.

Enhance Your Eyebrows by Darkening Them

Keep your statement brows tidy by filling them in with an eyebrow pencil or shadow that’s just a smidge darker than your natural hair color. You can also have them professionally dyed at a salon.

Prevent Flyaway Brows

Set your perfectly groomed brows in place with a clear eyebrow gel to make sure the look lasts all day long.

 How to Make Your Eyebrows Fuller

Darken pale brows with Diorshow Brow, a tinted brow gel which grooms and softly colors eyebrows, leaving them with a polished-looking sheen.

And to help your sparse eyebrows grow fuller, try the Anastasia Brow Enhancing Serum, which promises to leave your brows looking bold and beautiful through deep conditioning action which works to help stimulate brow growth at the follicle in as few as 4 to 6 weeks.

For ladies who are completely eye-brow challenged, you may wish to use eyebrow stencils for flawless, Hollywood brows using kits like Anastasia’s brow stix and color kits to help you get the perfect shape and shade eyebrows.

Simple, trendy and timeless, and perfect for when you need to wear a little makeup with a major impact, bold eyeliner is every woman’s secret beauty weapon for fall 2008.

Create a Classic Look with Bold Eyeliner

Although the bold eyeliner look is a major beauty trend this fall and was all the rage on fashion runways for 2008, bold eyeliner is a classic, and depending on how you apply intense eyeliner, it can look absolutely timeless.

While dishing about top beauty trends for fall while backstage at Sephora’s Fall cover shoot, professional makeup artist Tryon Machhausen, explains that with a very bare face and dark eyeliner as the only accent, you can create a stunningly beautiful classic look.

How to Apply Eyeliner: An Alternative to Liquid Eyeliner

And for those ladies terrified of using liquid liner, which dries and sets so quickly (making mistakes hard to correct)? Tyron’s got a secret: “A little tip is, if you use black eye shadow, dap a little brush in water, mix it with the eye shadow and then put it on, and then it’s easy! If you make a little mistake, just take it off with a Q-tip and try it again. So you get used to it and it’s very easy.”


Go Wild with Colored Eyeliner

Tyron also reveals that he absolutely loves colored eyeliner because it’s so nice and easy to have fun with, especially if you don’t want to wear much makeup.

“It’s just this little line, and you can use everything you want – they have amazing greens and blues and even yellows, and you just have a bare face and a little line and you’re ready to go, and it looks amazing.”

Add a little drama to your eyes and lashes  with bold eyeliner. Here are a few products and colors that will give your eyes incredible definition with the dramatic eyeliner trend:

    DuWop Eye Catcher Pencil Eye Color Intensifiers

    Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Pencil in Covet

    Hourglass Calligraphy Liquid Eye Liner in Cognac

    Tarte Emphaseyes High Definition Eye Pencil in Green

    Lancôme ArtLiner in Noir